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Kjersti Buaas

Kjersti Buaas is a four-time Olympic snowboarder from Trondheim, Norway, who has won medals in the Olympics, X Games, and the prestigious US Open.  
Kjersti Buaas is a professional snowboarder from Trondheim, Norway. She has competed on the professional Snowboard Tour for 20 + years and is one of few women who successfully has transitioned from halfpipe riding to slopestyle, big air and freeriding. A four-time Olympian, who has won medals in the Olympics, XGames & the Us Open. Her youthful, positive attitude has kept her on top of her sport for almost two decades, a rare accomplishment in the action sports industry. She is using her platform as a professional athlete as a force for good, working with several non-profits and supporting responsible companies. Kjersti was also the head coach for team Slovakia during the last Olympics in South Korea, using her experience as a top athlete to help other athletes reach for their dreams. With a great passion for details, Kjersti has designed award-winning pieces with her sponsors. She integrates her great sense for design with the knowledge of what functional gear actually is. Throughout the years, Kjersti has also developed an awareness of the environment & understand the importance of designing with sustainability in mind. She aims to integrate eco-awareness into her concepts by utilizing recycled fabric, organic, fair-trade materials, & limit packaging. Kjersti is known for always adding extra intention into her style and presence, both on and off the mountain and has been awarded many prestigious titles, one of them being “Queen Of Style” from Onboard Magazine. With her enthusiastic attitude & care for the community and the environment, Kjersti has definitely made her mark and positive impact on the snowboard community and beyond. She founded PRSNT together with Chanelle Sladics and host Women’s Adventure Retreats, focusing on bringing women together through an active, healthy lifestyle. She has a permaculture design certificate,  is a certified Wilderness First Responder and a holds a certification as a meditation teacher.

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